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Let us guide you through the ‘Phase-out’ process.  We offer you our services to take care of your concerns about your floating investment. 

If possible, we recommended that you complete the last (or one of the last) charters on your vessel before it starts the Phase-out process. After the last charter, the charter company gives you the opportunity to employ an independent surveyor to take care of your interests.  We will gladly meet with you on board to discuss your concerns or correspond by e-mail. After informing the charter company of your decision to employ an independent surveyor, we will co-ordinate with the charter company operations staff and complete a comprehensive Condition Survey. The vessel is normally inspected out of the water during the Phase-out haulout. If there is no scheduled haulout at this time due to the boat having been hauled a few months prior to the Phase-out, we recommend that you authorise us to complete a ‘lunchtime haulout inspection’ at a local boatyard on the day of the survey.  A sea trial will also be completed at this time if possible. With our survey report, your documented 'owners concerns' and the charter company's own 'in house inspection’, a work list will be created. You will be informed by the charter company which issues listed in our Comments & Recommendations are regarded as 'fair wear & tear' and will not be completed.  You should consult your Phase-out manual and yacht ownership contract. If requested, we will follow up on the repairs and keep you updated with regular e-mails. If requested, at the end of the Phase-out, we will do a final 'Follow-up' report to ensure that all of the agreed 'Comments & Recommendations' are completed satisfactorily. This report can be forwarded to insurance companies or financial institutions to complete the survey process. The cost of the Follow up inspections is not included in the price of the condition survey. The owner can also do his/her own Follow up inspection with the Phase out management. This is recommended as the project manager can explain exactly what his team of technicians did during the refit and take the owner to inspect each repaired defect.

Insurance Surveys

Our Insurance Surveys are accepted by all Insurance Companies. Our usual rate is $14/ft for vessels between 30ft - 55ft. Please contact us for further info and a quote.

If possible, Insurance Surveys should be scheduled while the vessel is still in service. During the Caribbean Hurricane Season (June - November), requests for surveys on yachts in dry storage might be declined. This is due to extreme temperatures experienced from mid July to mid October. Yachts filled with stowed gear and disconnected power supplies, make it difficult for the surveyor to get the job done. We can survey the vessel below the waterline, in the boatyard, at any time. We can complete the in the water part of the Insurance Survey either at the beginning or at the end of the sailing season prior to haulout.  

Damage Reports


If you find yourself making an Insurance claim after an unfortunate incident with your yacht, submit your claim to the Insurance company and the Underwriter will then appoint a surveyor to inspect the damage.

How can we help? We will look after your interests during the claim & repair procedure. 

Pre-survey Inspections

Not too sure about the condition of the yacht, which you found on the Internet? Before you plan on an expensive trip to the Caribbean or invest in a full Pre-purchase Condition Survey, let us do a short inspection of the vessel for you. We will inspect the most important areas of the yacht and send you a short report with many colour photographs by e-mail. We will then, if necessary, gladly discuss the boat with you. On an average 40 - 50ft. yacht, the charge is $300. This is reduced to $200 if you decide to continue with a full survey later.   


Selling your yacht? What we offer before dry storing your yacht.

* Your sailing season has finished and you have decided to put your yacht on the hard in a local BVI boatyard and list it with a brokerage.

From July until October your yacht will probably be surrounded by other hurricane season storage yachts in a boatyard making it impossible to move and to launch the vessel for a sea trial, if a prospective buyer shows interest.

What we offer is a “Pre-Dry Storage Sea Trial”. This will include – our ‘Engine(s) & Sea trial’ (see the page 'The Survey' - refer to 'Sea Trial') and the inspection & operation of any equipment, which needs to be done in the water. A survey report with photos, detailing the results, will be completed. By having this survey document, it might be the key to encourage your potential buyer to move forward with an offer.

The approximate cost will be $400US. This can be arranged with your listing broker.

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